Alumni Mentorship Program (AMP)

This Mentorship program connects mentors (Alumni of IITR) to the students and is for the benefit of the students of IIT Roorkee. The mentors will be alumni of IIT Roorkee, bringing their rich and varied life experiences.

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  • Mentees will be students from IIT Roorkee.
  • Mentors will be alumni of IIT Roorkee. This is a way for mentors to give back and make a difference.


  • Mentors will be listed on this web site, with their areas of interest, a brief statement about their work and their strengths.
  • Students will fill up an application form indicating their needs, and a preferred mentor.
  • The organisers will match students/mentors based on the applications submitted by the students.
  • Each mentor shall be mentoring a small group of mentees (specified by the particular mentor), however, the mentees-mentor meetup could be done individually but at the discretion of the mentor.

Note: Students who are matched in the first phase shall be assigned to a mentor soon. The students who could not be matched in the first phase will get a chance to be matched in the next phase. However, they are still be eligible for the Round-Table session.

Note: Currently, we have a small list of mentors and the organisers may not be able to match all the applicants. However, they are working hard to get more mentors so that more students can get a chance. The ultimate goal of this program is to match a mentor for every student of IITR who is interested.

Mentoring Sessions

  • After the mentor/student match, it is up to the student and mentor to set up a mutually agreeable time and meet using a voice/video conference.
  • We expect that mentoring sessions should be about 1 hour/month.
  • Total mentoring duration could last 2 months - 6 months.

Note: A Round-Table session is also planned to be organised. All the students who fill up the mentees form are eligible. This is one of the ideas to develop the overall personality of the students which includes soft skills, professionalism etc. (For details about Round-Table session, scroll below)

Topics of Discussion

In order to make this program healthy and sustainable, this program puts on some restrictions on the discussions among the student and their mentor. Though the student is allowed to have discussions ranging from their personal life to professional life, they are not allowed to ask for financial support or jobs/internship positions. However, they are free to ask for guidance in order to score one.

As an example, the following could be some topics of discussion:

  • Career Guidance
  • Future Studies
  • Help with entrepreneurship, technical skills, robotics, etc
  • Any other advice that can improve a student’s life
  • Improving soft skills
  • How to land a job in a foreign country
  • What is the life experience of mentor so far
  • What is the life of a software engineer/data scientist/entrepreneur… about?
  • Is it worth going abroad for a job? Is it worth settling there? And many more …...

The following are prohibited:

  • Asking for money, fundraising.
  • Asking for job/internship positions.
  • Asking for recommendations and referrals.


All participants shall agree to the following:

  • Keep all discussions confidential.
  • Be courteous to mentors and their time commitments.


Please sign up here, and the organizers will connect you to a mentor:

Once a student is connected to mentor, they will mutually decide a time to connect over voice, video conference or in person.


Partha Dev is a Civil Engineer and is head of ROSEN's global Structural Engineering - Integrity Solutions group. He is also the Chair of Standards Australia's ME-092-07 committee. Strengths include Mentoring, Engineering, Technical Leadership and Diversity Initiatives.

Sunil Goyal is the Chief Operating Officer of Sopra Steria India. His Passion has always been People. He has been instrumental in setting up a highly performance driven culture. His strengths include Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy and Leadership.

Sukhwinder Lamba is a creative, award-winning, entrepreneurial (two start-ups), high-energy Senior Sales & Customer Success executive with product development roots. His strengths include Sales, Entrepreneurship, and Mentoring.

Shivajee Samdarshi, is VP of Engineering at Venafi, a security company. His strengths include Engineering, Business Strategy, Career Mentoring, and Entrepreneurship. His undergraduate degree is in Computer Science.

Ranjit Rangan has founded multiple startups, and is technologist at core. His strengths include Embedded, Robotics, Education, and much more.

Sanjiv Sinha is a multifaceted personality. He has written a children's book, blogged about food, travelled to over 35 countries, run in multiple marathons and played in a band. Specialties: International Sales, Go to market, Consultative Selling, Strategy, Entrepreneurship.

Himanshu Asthana has a PhD in Chemical Engineering and works at GE Plastics.

Kiran Panesar has a PhD in Computer Science. He works for Google.

Round-Table Session

An interactive online session which would include mentors from all over the world and from different fields and the students. The topic of discussion would revolve around developing non-technical skills which play a key role throughout the life, no matter what career path one chooses, how these skills can be improved, their impact and what else students work on to build a successful career. At the end of the session, students may be given a chance to ask questions to the mentors.

Student Volunteers

Pratham Gupta (LinkedIn)

Oshin Sapra (LinkedIn)

Himanshu Garg (LinkedIn)

Prateek Chandra (LinkedIn)

Note For Alumni of IITR: If you want to sign up as a mentor, please fill the following form and we will reach out to you. To be eligible as a mentor, you have to be an Alumnus of IITR. Current students must not apply here.


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