Alumni Mentorship Program (AMP)


Connect Alumni and Students

The Alumni Mentorship Program (AMP) connects mentors (Alumni of IIT Roorkee) to mentees (students of IIT Roorkee) and is for the benefit of the students of IIT Roorkee. The mentors are alumni of IIT Roorkee, bringing their rich and varied life experiences.

Goals of Mentoring

  • Create a confidential environment to reflect, discuss, and help the students grow.

  • Focus on student's long term growth, both in their careers and as human beings.

  • Provide infrastructure to facilitate matching, communication, and evaluation.


  • 1:1 mentoring. Mentors and mentees meet once every two weeks to discuss career growth, job search, skill development and any other topics that are helpful to the mentee.

  • Talks. Talks are organized on topical issues like job search in covid times, emotional quotient etc. These talks are of general interest.

  • Special Interest Groups. These are smaller group discussions about specific topics like careers in Entrepreneurship, Finance, Product Management, Academia or others.

1:1 Mentoring

  • 130 mentors, from diverse fields like engineering, academia, management, civil service, finance, and entrepreneurship, with some very accomplished individuals (CEOs, IAS officers, Niti Aayog, Vice Presidents, Professors and so on).

  • Mentors from batches 1961 - 2019

  • 200 students, almost everyone has been matched to a mentor


  • Students fill up an application form indicating their long and short-term goals, and optionally, a preferred mentor.

  • Mentors are listed on Mentors Web Page, with their areas of interest, a brief statement about their work and their strengths.

  • Mentees reach out to mentors to see if they are available.

  • Mentors may accept or reject.

  • Mentoring relationship lasts about 3 months or 6 meetings. This is so that multiple students can benefit from the program.


Sign up as a student:

Once a student is connected to mentor, they will mutually decide a time to connect over voice, video conference or in person.


Sign-Up as a mentor: Please fill the following form. The time commitment is 1-2 hours a month.

Link: AMP Application Form: Mentors

For the list of mentors:


A few Round-Table or presentation sessions may be organised, open to all students. Topics include emotional intelligence, soft skills, professionalism, preparing for job search and so on. We will announce those sessions as they are available.

Previous Talks


All participants agree to the following:

  • Keep all discussions confidential, and adhere to our privacy policy.

  • Be courteous to mentors and their time commitments.

  • Behave in a professional manner and follow this code of conduct.

Students are prohibited from:

  • Asking for money, fundraising.

  • Asking for job/internship positions.

  • Asking for recommendations and referrals.

For any questions please email us at: and

We appreciate feedback: Anonymous Feedback Form